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Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam

BCRC: Expert Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam, BC – Reliable and Efficient Service

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home in Coquitlam, BC, your heat pump plays a vital role. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, making them essential for year-round comfort. When your heat pump experiences issues, timely repair is crucial to keep your home at the desired temperature and ensure energy efficiency. BCRC is here to offer professional and reliable heat pump repair services to residents in Coquitlam.

Understanding the Importance of Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam

A malfunctioning heat pump can result in various problems, including:

  • Reduced Efficiency: A malfunctioning heat pump can lead to higher energy bills as it struggles to maintain the desired temperature.

  • Inconsistent Comfort: Your home’s comfort can be compromised if your heat pump isn’t functioning correctly, leading to temperature fluctuations.

  • Long-Term Damage: Ignoring heat pump issues can result in more extensive and costly damage over time.


Why Choose BCRC for Heat Pump installation and Heat Pump Repair


Why Choose BCRC for Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam

BCRC stands out as the preferred choice for Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam, BC, and here’s why:

1. Certified HVAC Technicians

Our team comprises certified HVAC technicians with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in repairing heat pumps of all types and brands.

Heat Pump services in Coquitlam

2. Comprehensive Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections to identify the root causes of your heat pump issues, allowing us to provide efficient and effective solutions.

3. Quality Repairs

BCRC technicians ensure the highest quality repairs, allowing your heat pump to operate efficiently and reliably.

4. Timely Service

We understand the importance of a comfortable home, and we strive to provide prompt solutions to your heat pump problems.

5. Customer-Centric Approach

At BCRC, your satisfaction is our priority. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive top-notch service and peace of mind.

The Heat Pump Repair Process

When you choose BCRC for your heat pump repair Coquitlam, you can expect the following process:

1. Initial Evaluation

Our certified technicians begin by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your heat pump to identify the problems affecting its performance.

2. Detailed Diagnosis

We provide you with a detailed diagnosis of the issues, along with a clear explanation of the necessary repairs.

3. Quality Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam

Our technicians carry out the required repairs using top-quality components, ensuring the longevity of the repair.

4. Testing and Verification

After the repair, we thoroughly test your heat pump to guarantee its efficient operation.

5. Maintenance Advice

To prevent future problems, we offer maintenance tips to help you keep your heat pump in excellent condition.

The Benefits of BCRC’s Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam

Choosing BCRC for your heat pump repair Coquitlam offers several important benefits:

Coquitlam HVAC Services

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Our repairs ensure your heat pump operates at peak efficiency, saving you on energy costs.

  • Year-Round Comfort: A well-functioning heat pump guarantees comfort and consistent temperatures in your home.

  • Long-Term Durability: Our timely repairs can extend the life of your heat pump, protecting your investment.

  • Safety Assurance: We address safety concerns, ensuring your heat pump is safe for use.

Contact BCRC for Expert Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam, BC

Don’t let a malfunctioning Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam compromise your home’s comfort. BCRC is your trusted source for professional heat pump repair services in Coquitlam, BC. Contact us today to schedule your repair and experience reliable and efficient heating and cooling services throughout the year.

Chart Detailing Heat Pump Sizes and Corresponding House Sizes Useful for Heat Pump Installation and Heat Pump Repair Needs

House Size (Square Feet)Heat Pump Size (Tons)
Less than 1,0001 - 1.5
1,000 - 1,5001.5 - 2.0
1,500 - 2,0002.0 - 2.5
2,000 - 2,5002.5 - 3.0
2,500 - 3,0003.0 - 3.5
Larger than 3,0003.5 and up

It is important to have a professional HVAC contractor perform a detailed load calculation before purchasing a heat pump. This calculation considers numerous factors, such as local climate, house orientation, window types, insulation levels, and household occupancy, to ensure the unit perfectly matches your home’s needs. Selecting the right size is crucial for optimizing energy use and maximizing comfort. So let us give you the best expert heat pump installation and heat pump repair services.

For both heat pump repair and installation, the paramount factor to consider is the correct sizing and compatibility of the system for your home. Correct Sizing in Installation: Properly sizing a heat pump is essential for ensuring efficient operation and comfort. A heat pump that is too large will cycle on and off too frequently, which can reduce the lifespan of the system and fail to properly dehumidify the air. Conversely, a heat pump that is too small will struggle to heat or cool your home effectively, leading to increased energy use and unnecessary strain on the system. Correct sizing involves careful calculation based on the size of your home, climate, insulation quality, window types, and other factors that affect heating and cooling needs. This ensures that the heat pump operates efficiently, provides consistent comfort, and maintains cost-effective energy usage. Compatibility in Repair: When repairing a heat pump, it's crucial to use the right parts and ensure that any replacements are fully compatible with the existing system. Using incompatible parts can lead to inefficient operation, increased wear and tear, and potentially costly damages down the line. A knowledgeable HVAC technician will understand how to match components correctly and ensure that the system maintains its efficiency and reliability.

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BCRC Heat Pump repair

BCRC Heating and Cooling Heating is committed to delivering comprehensive HVAC service at a reasonable cost. Our certified technicians can mend, set up, and maintain all major brands of air conditioning and heating units. We will collaborate with you to discover a resolution for you and your family.

Our Merchandise and Services

We proudly present American Standard air conditioners, Daikin ductless air conditioning, and heat pumps—but our technicians can repair and service many other makes and models.

Daikin single and multi-zone systems offer SEER alternatives up to 26.1 and cutting-edge technology to assist with efficiency. These units are robust, quiet, and energy-efficient. Apart from low operational noise levels, Daikin inverter technology also permits the system to deliver the capacity required to uphold the desired room temperatures. This functionality typically reduces energy consumption by up to 30% or more (in comparison to traditional fixed-speed ducted systems).

Daikin’s Ductless Air Conditioning Units and Heat Pumps

You still retain access to year-round comfort even if you lack space for ductwork. Select from a variety of ductless air conditioning units and heat pumps. The indoor-outdoor, ductless configuration, price, and efficiency of your unit will differ based on your home.

We carry mini-split systems for individuals seeking to regulate the temperature in a single room, and we also offer multi-split systems to provide comfort for up to five rooms simultaneously. All systems offer the durability, efficiency, and serene comfort that makes Daikin the quality customers rely on.

Lennox Heat Pumps for coquitlam

For homeowners seeking a system that furnishes heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, opt for an exceptional heat pump from lennox. Adjust the temperature according to your preference with AccuComfort technology and multi-stage heating and cooling levels.

Our merchandise and services are backed by a one-year warranty. Reach out to us to learn more before making a purchase.

We deliver service and repair for any make and model of air conditioning unit and heat pump in Coquitlam—so give us a ring today and let one of our technicians reinstate the comfort in your home.

If you possess a small area of your home that requires heating or cooling, a ductless AC or heat pump is an excellent choice. Ductless systems offer heightened comfort and can be exceedingly efficient. They heat and cool for a fraction of the cost of baseboard systems and come as an all-in-one system for both heating and cooling.

Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam, BC Heating & AC Contractor 

The nearby cities of Coquitlam & Port Coquitlam are just southeast of our Port Moody residence and lie just north of the Fraser and Pitts Rivers. Since our establishment, BCRC Heating and Cooling has worked consistently for Coquitlam residents by assisting them in meeting their heating, AC, and sheet metal needs.

At BCRC Heating and Cooling, we specialize in several technologies that offer comfort and efficiency for homes and businesses. BC Hydro provides electricity for the homes and businesses in Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam, while natural gas is provided by FortisBC. BCRC Heating and Cooling offers heating, cooling, and water heating equipment that qualifies for significant rebates that can help pay for systems that will lower your energy cost for years to come. Rebate information is available here.


heat pump repair coquitlam
heat pump installation coquitlam


Heat Pumps in Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam, BC 

Over 93% of the electricity provided by BC Hydro is carbon-free and generated with hydro, solar, and wind energy. Given this, heat pumps are a great choice for year-round comfort in Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam, BC. At BCRC Heating and Cooling, we offer three major types of heat pump systems: ductless mini-split heat pumps, central ducted heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters.

A growing part of our business in Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam, BC are ductless mini-split heat pumps and we feature Daikin, the world leader in this technology. Mini-split heat pumps have been used worldwide for over 50 years and are increasingly popular here in eastern Metro Vancouver. Mini-splits are by far the most efficient means of heating and cooling homes and businesses in Coquitlam. They are available in a range of configurations: single or multi-zone with wall, ceiling, floor, or ducted indoor units. To learn more about our Daikin ductless mini-splits, click here.

A central heat pump is like a traditional air conditioner in that it is connected with refrigerant lines to a ducted air handler or furnace. It is designed with a reversing valve that allows it to operate very efficiently in cold months and provides clean comfortable heat. To look at our central heat pump projects in Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam, BC click here.

If you have an existing Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam

(and we service all brands), our Red Seal Certified service technicians have the know-how to diagnose your system, and the parts that are likely needed to get your system back up and running fast.

The third great heat pump choice, particularly for Coquitlam homeowners, are heat pump water heaters. They extract heat from your ambient space and use that to heat your domestic hot water at one-third the cost of a traditional electric water heater. For more information about our Bradford White heat pump water heaters, click here.

Natural Gas Systems for Coquitlam Homes and Businesses

 In addition to Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam, at BCRC Heating and Cooling, we also feature AirEase high-efficiency gas furnaces. Gas furnace technology has come a long way in recent years, and many Port Coquitlam & Coquitlam homeowners enjoy the clean efficient comfort of a gas furnace, combined with a ducted central AC system.

If you’re contemplating a new HVAC system for your Kenmore home or business, our TECA Quality First Certification Home Comfort Advisors have the experience to help you select the best system. If you’re experiencing heating problems, our factory-trained and licensed service techs can help regardless of the make or model of your current equipment.

Click here to learn more about our furnace installation, repair, and maintenance for AirEase, and all other furnace brands offered in the southwestern corner of the Provence of British Columbia.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair Services coquitlam 

Welcome to BCRC Heating and Cooling, your trusted source for expert heat pump repair and tune-up services in Coquitlam and Vancouver, BC. With over 25 years of serving our local community, we understand the importance of a reliable heating and cooling system in your home.

Our certified technicians are dedicated to ensuring that your heat pump operates at its best, providing you with year-round comfort and peace of mind. In this guide, we’ll explore the significance of heat pump maintenance and the signs that indicate it’s time for a tune-up or repair. Discover how BCRC Heating and Cooling can keep your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently, so you can enjoy consistent comfort in every season.

Mini-Split services are a call away. 

We’re Here for You Over 25 Years of Local Service Heating, Air Conditioning, & Fireplaces 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service Start A Maintenance Plan With Us Residential & Commercial Services 

BCRC Heating and Cooling is Your Local HVAC Expert #1 Heat Pump Repair and Tune-Up Near Coquitlam When it comes to heat pump repair and tune-up near Coquitlam, BCRC Heating and Cooling is your trusted local partner. With over 25 years of experience serving the Coquitlam and Vancouver, BC area, we have earned a reputation for excellence in HVAC services. Our certified technicians are dedicated to ensuring that your heat pump operates at peak efficiency, providing reliable heating and cooling year-round.

The Importance of Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam Maintenance

 Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam in top shape. Here’s why


Routine maintenance ensures that your heat pump operates efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.


Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring your comfort, especially during extreme weather.

Extended Lifespan: 

Well-maintained heat pumps tend to last longer, providing a better return on your investment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality:

 Cleaning and servicing the system’s components can enhance indoor air quality by removing dust and allergens.

Duct Inspection: 

We inspect and clean your air ducts to improve air quality and ensure proper airflow.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair or Tune-Up How do you know when it’s time for heat pump maintenance or repairs?

 Look out for these signs:

Reduced Heating or Cooling Efficiency If your heat pump isn’t maintaining a comfortable temperature, it may need a tune-up. Unusual Noises Strange sounds coming from your Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam can indicate underlying issues that require attention. Icing or Frosting Ice buildup on your heat pump can affect its efficiency and may indicate a problem with the system. Increased Energy Bills If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, your heat pump might not be running efficiently. Weak Airflow Weak airflow can result from clogged filters or other issues that need addressing. Faulty Thermostat An inaccurate or malfunctioning thermostat can lead to temperature inconsistencies. BCRC Heating and Cooling is here to address these issues promptly and professionally. Our team of experts is well-equipped to diagnose and resolve Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam problems, ensuring your home remains comfortable throughout the year.

Don’t wait until your Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam breaks down. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive tune-up or repair service. Let BCRC Heating and Cooling keep your heat pump running smoothly for dependable year-round comfort.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Services BCRC Heating and Cooling carries a wide array of high-efficiency home comfort systems! Our Service Area Burnaby Vancouver Coquitlam Surrey Richmond Port Moody Delta Langley Maple ridge White Rock Port Coquitlam New Westminster North Vancouver West Vancouver

Home Air Conditioning Repairs and Heat Pump Repairs 

When it comes to reliable home air conditioning repair and heat pump service, BCRC Heating and Cooling is trusted in Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Moody, Langley, Vancouver, and Port Coquitlam to get the job done right. Our family-owned and operated company has more than four generations of expertise when it comes to customer care and quality repair services. Our expert technicians are available for 24-hour emergency service, so you can rest assured your A/C or Heat Pump Repair Coquitlam issues will be resolved promptly and correctly. Whether your system is old or brand new, our industry-trained, licensed, bonded, and insured technicians are qualified to service virtually all brands and models of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Repair services we offer: 

• Air conditioning repairs • Heat pump repairs • Ductless air conditioning systems • High-velocity air conditioning systems • Central air units • Compressor repairs • Freon repairs • Emergency A/C repairs • Air conditioner zoning • Air conditioner tune-ups

Brands, makes, and models:

 • Honeywell • Trane • American Standard • Carrier • Bryant • Lennox • Goodman • Amana • York • Coleman • Heil • Janitrol • Rheem • Ruud • Comfortmaker • Mitsubishi • Sanyo

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